Welcome to the 1st Infantry Division's Official Website! We are a tactical realism unit for Day of Infamy.

We strive to maintain a mature yet fun gaming community and to continue the traditions set by previous realism units.

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1st ID Dispatches

06 November 2016


Over the past month both the Day of Infamy and the 1st Infantry Division communities have grown greatly. Not only has this brought new players to our servers but it has also caused our ranks to swell. As such, we are pleased to make several announcements!

Second Platoon Expansion:
In order to accomodate our growing numbers the Command Team has made the decision to expand our organizational structure to include a second platoon. This will allow us to not only remain organized but allow the Unit to continue to allow opportunities for members to grow as leaders and remain involved. Second Platoon will be led by Technical Sergeant B. Giovannini.

European Squad Incorporation:
As our numbers have grown so has our Unit's diversity in nationalities represented. In order to maintain unity of effort and cohesion we have opened a dedicated squad for our European brethren, Second Squad, Second Platoon. This squad is led by Corporal V. D'Haese, Squad Leader, and Private First Class A. Eijk. Our goal is to provide a home for the community's European players as well as open up this squad, and any future squads like this, to our early morning U.S. players. Doing so will benefit both the Unit and our greater community.

Off-Shoot Clan:
Our final organizational change is the establishment of our sister clan, (-). These clan members have full member privileges and if seen on our servers are to be treated the same as any other 1st ID Soldier.

Match Updates:
Since the last Dispatch we have also played a total of five (5) friendly and official matches. Our Soldiers won all of these matches in great form, continuing our success and undefeated status thus far in Day of Infamy.

As always, if you are interested in joining the premier realism unit in Day of Infamy please contact a member of our Recruitment Staff. They are always more than happy to help you. We would to thank all of our community members, without you our Unit would not be where it is at today.

1st Sgt. Z. Hann
Company SNCO