Command Team

First Lieutenant A. Siek    Commanding Officer
Second Lieutenant J. Murphy    Executive Officer
First Sergeant Z. Hann    First Sergeant

Who We Are

The 1st Infantry Division is a Day of Infamy realism unit established in August of 2016 that finds its beginnings in Day of Defeat: Source. A "Realism Unit" is much different than a normal gaming clan or community in that we attempt to organize ourselves and operate as closely to the way an actual unit would during World War II. This includes utilizing real military ranks, a chain of command, and conducting regular training within the unit. The goal of this is to create an immersive gaming experience that cannot be found elsewhere within the game's community.

Our Community

The 1st Infantry Division not only prides itself on its internal cohesion but also on the strength of its community. Our aim is to provide Day of Infamy with not only a highly effective realism unit but also with a valued community for the game's player base. As such, we maintain our servers with great care and strive to maintain our position as the most popular Day of Infamy server by promoting a mature yet fun place to game.

What Is Realism?

Realism is a tactical mode of gameplay that varies game to game. Generally a match consists of four (4) rounds with each team of players having the chance to play as both allegiances. Teams will alternate attacking or setting up a defense that does not extend past the agreed upon point. Time limits, weapon restrictions, and other rules are all agreed upon prior to the match. Players only have one (1) life per round and if they are killed will spectate until the next round, much like Counter Strike. Victory is achieved when one team eliminates all players on the opposing team. While skill is a valued trait sought after in players it will only go so far in realism game modes as teamwork, tactics, and good coordination will carry the day.